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Event Greening Framework

The Event Greening Framework is a web and email based system that uses greening guidelines to drive sustainability across key event stakeholder groups. 

  • Reduce environmental and social impact of the event
  • Educate employees and key stakeholders about event sustainability
  • Provides an on-line platform for event stakeholder engagement and feedback
  • Consolidates feedback data for the event reporting process

Event Sustainability Reporting

Stakeholder expectations for transparency and requirements for sustainability disclosure are increasing. Event organizers that report their management approach and the results of their practices can benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • Reducing the resource costs associated with events
  • Benefiting from a broader appeal to delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and investors
  • Managing risk
  • Increasing reputation and brand value
  • Positioning the event competitively and advantageously
  • Creating powerful impact leading up to and during the event and a powerful legacy following the event
  • Leverage a world class event sustainability report across multi-media platforms
  • Delivering value well beyond stakeholder expectations

GRI’s Event Organizers Sector Supplement provides event organizers with an opportunity to communicate their sustainability journey, at the same time as generating economic, environmental and social benefits.

Event Sustainability Plan

A strategic and practical sustainability plan that is linked to the desired objectives and outcomes of the event organiser will:

  • Include the best global standards in event sustainability and greening
  • Facilitate the effective development of a GRI Sustainability Report, utilising the GRI G3 Guidelines and the GRI Event Organiser’s Sector Supplement.
  • Provide all stakeholders with guidelines for management and decision making


Click here to view the London 2012 Olympic Games GRI Sustainability Report