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  • Get the basics right
  • Develop your team
  • Begin leveraging your story

The good business framework helps companies to understand and incorporate the basic tenets of corporate sustainability, in the most simple and practical way

The framework consists of three practical components:

Strategic sustainability workshop

  • Introduce key sustainability themes, approaches and guidelines
  • Use Global best practice methodologies to identify key stakeholder groups and material issues for the organisation.
  • Assess the management approach to material issues.

Executive certificate in corporate sustainability

  • Develop the organisations capacity by providing training for key employees
  • Online ECCS training platform provides access and flexibility for busy executives
  • Bite-size modules are practical and easily implementable

Stakeholder communications and marketing plan

  • Use GSA Campbell’s Pyramid approach to develop a communication road map
  • Road map ensures that key issues and objectives are effectively addressed
  • Provides the extended organisation with everything that it needs for ROI

Good Business Framework – Options

G4 Workshop
ECCS online training (up to 10)
Stakeholder marketing plan (basic)
G4 Workshop
GRI G4 Sustainability Report
ECCS online training (up to 20)
Stakeholder marketing plan (comprehensive)